Patient Communication at the Point of Care

The Visual Consult is a clinician / patient communication application that engages patients while talking with their clinician at any point of care — in the exam room, during conversations with a nurse or PA, at discharge, or at the pharmacy. This tool educates patients so they understand their procedure or condition”. Our content and platform are unrivaled in their accuracy, aesthetics and impact with patients and clinicians. Additionally, the Visual Consult saves healthcare providers time, documents the conversation and helps the patient participate in their healthcare.

Research shows that the patient engagement rate averages 3-5%, if they receive their patient education from their health plan, or employer. When patient education is provided at the point of care by that trusted source (the clinician), the engagement rate jumps on average to 30% - 35%. Physicians that use best practices average 80% -90% patient engagement.

The Visual Consult takes text based patient education and elevates it from the 3% level to the 80% level.

The animations and Programs contained in the Visual Consult is available to the Provider to display on their web site so that the patient can view it from home and share it with their family members. This drives traffic to the Providers web site, marketing the practice / hospital in a brighter light.

How the Application works (play video)

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Platforms available:
  • Desktop (PC & Mac)
  • IPad

Orthopaedics co-developed with the AAOS